The Mission of our Educational Management Group is to ensure our students have access to high quality tutoring, standardized test prep, and an individualized educational planning experience.

Our Vision is to create an educational learning platform that fits the needs of today's students for tommorow's success!

Our Team

Margaret Dawkins

Founder and CEO

Meg graduated from North Carolina State University, with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and holds a Master’s Degree in Childhood Behavioral Psychology from the University of Maryland. She is a Board Certified Behavioral Analyst (BCBA) and possesses a Certified Applied Behavioral Analysis Degree.

Meg has over 18 years of experience having worked for one of the largest college preparation companies in the United States for over 10 years (Regional Director for the last 5) and then founding ICP-TEAMS in 2012. Throughout the United States, Meg continues to host workshops for thousands of qualified high school students.

Meg’s passion for helping students led her to create a non-profit to assist under-privileged children. Her efforts included providing tutoring and counseling for gang members to help “get them off the street” and assimilate back into society. She created a scholarship fund to provide an opportunity for impoverished students to attend college. Her ABA Degree provides the skills required to assist in transforming lives of all categories of students down a positive path of education. In 2018, her graduating class placed 95% of their students into the top twenty schools in the United States.

Meg is extremely proud of the 100% Satisfied rating from families who have completed her company’s program. Thanks to Meg’s arduous efforts, she has created a program that is an asset to so many students and families. Over 10 years of research and statistics were conducted and used to create this platform. The result is a program that provides excellent support to students along their journey toward the goal of completing their primary and secondary education.

Meg believes in working to provide educational equality for everyone.

Heather Arold

Director of Bids

Heather graduated from the University of South Florida in 1998 with a Bachelor of Arts in Secondary English Education and a Masters of Education in Curriculum & Instructional Design in 2000.

Heather brings over 16 years of experience to the ICP-TEAMS and EMP family. She works at George Mason University as a Grant Writer/Proposal Specialist. She oversees and coordinates the development of proposals for strategically important, large and/or interdisciplinary grant mechanisms. At George Mason, she also served as an Academic Initiatives Coordinator. Heather has also worked as an Executive Assistant, Financial Consultant, Teacher, Program Manager and Senior Consultant at Booz Allen.

Even with all her degrees and positions she has mastered; Heather still believes her greatest accomplishment is her daughter and the incredible young woman she has become.

Robert Liggins

Regional Director | Sports Relations and Recruitment

Robert Liggins graduated from Lambuth University with a Bachelor of Science in Business and Sports Management. He was a student athlete and attended school on a full scholarship. He takes great pride in helping students attend college and reach their full potential. Robert specializes in IT recruitment, application development, infrastructure, cyber security, business analysis, and program management. He is the owner of his own strategic staffing company. Robert was a professional basketball player and knows what it means to work hard to achieve his goals.

Teresa Fitzsimmons

National and International Leader of Student Counseling

Teresa (Terri) Fitzsimmons has had over 35 years of background and experience as a leader on the high school side of college admissions. She holds current certifications as a School and Community College Counselor in four states and a certificate from the Harvard Summer Institute for College Admissions. Terri has addressed the needs of students from diverse geographical and educational environments in both private and public-school settings, including those with strengths in STEM, fine arts and athletics.  She has a special appreciation of the variety of developmental stages and is inclusive of and sensitive to the challenges faced from aligning the goals of faculty, administration, students and parents as they define together personal, academic and career success.

Terri specializes in navigating the extremely complicated college admissions process to include researching appropriate financial resource information. She has availed herself of dozens of college counselor fly-ins coast to coast and overseas, strengthening her communication and network skills with college admissions offices. In the past, Terri has organized and implemented student application and essay writing “Boot Camps” and major/career exploration workshops. Her basic philosophy is holistically helping guide students as they fill their “CUP” in high school in preparation for the college years:  be committed, be unique, be passionate. 

Finally, Terri finds every opportunity to build, market and promote each student’s individual narrative through a thorough 4-year plan and relational process. She is a member of NACAC, IECA and active on college admissions and independent college counselor social media venues. Terri is also a member of IACS (International Accreditation of Counseling Students).

Esther Story Harper

Regional Director | Sports Relations and Recruitment

Ester received her Bachelor of Arts in Communication Management from Howard University. She has been in the college preparation and high school prep field for 30 years. She has both strong collegiate and high school experience in the college planning field. Esther has been a recruiter for some of the top Ivy League schools across the country. Her passion is working with students and helping them to achieve their dreams. She knows that every student has a gift, and she does whatever it takes to help them find it and achieve their educational goals. Esther was the youngest member of the 1972 US Olympics Team in track and field. She has competed in sports her whole life. To this day, she still helps manage the USA Track and Field East Team. She has conducted college workshops all over the United States and internationally for the last 10 years. She was a college recruiter for some of the top colleges including Stanford where she was also a coach. Coaching and giving back has always been in her blood. She has spent her whole life giving back to others and helping students pursue their dreams. Esther is one that believes you get what you give. Never be afraid of hard work. Her commitment never stops. She shows that same commitment to our students.

Kenn Atkinson

Regional Director

Kenn has given his life to work that invests in the well-being of people and their communities. His hope is to see all people and every community flourishing and because of this, he has often taken on roles that allow him to care for the vulnerable and those that are often overlooked. Much of his work has focused on empowering young people to discover their dreams and then help them to find the best opportunities for them to pursue their goals.  He has served his community as Campus Minister, Community Development Worker, Mentor, Life Coach, Community Educator, Adjunct Professor, Family Advocate, Good Works Catalyst, Neighbor, Father, Husband, and Friend.

Kenn is excited to be a part of EMP and the ICP-Teams Family helping to prepare young people not only for college but to help them to become adults who will create a better world for everyone. He loves to explore new places, bike, hike, and spend time with his family.

Richard Lucero

Founder & CEO of transParentSee, LLC

Richard graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise and Sport Sciences and a Masters of Education at St. Lawrence University. He has experienced a successful and diverse career as an instructor, coach (up through collegiate levels), administrator and now as an entrepreneur. Richard’s simple, yet innovative messaging-only platform (transParentSee) was the perfect fit for ICP-TEAMS. His mission to include parents in real-time conversations between educators and students is critical to ensuring a student’s success.

By partnering with transParentSee, and their innovative 3-Level Engagement design, our students and parents have direct access to our team. This direct access helps eliminate possibilities for essential information to get lost in an email or on the student portal. Educators, students, and parents are included in all conversations in real-time. Students and parents will not have to worry about missing important events, registration deadlines, and scholarship opportunities, all of this  is relevant information needed to make decisions that will impact student’s futures.

  We know from experience that ongoing, clear communication is vitally important when keeping both students and families informed of the student’s progress. The ICP-TEAMS Educational Management Group provides guidance and support to students and encourages parental involvement prior to students making lifetime educational decisions. Meg’s selection of the transParentSee platform has resulted in a more user-friendly program with increased parental oversite. We believe consistent and transparent communication is a profound piece of the education puzzle and transParentSee is an important catalyst in helping students exceed educational goals.